Client, Co-work : Hyundai Motors Company AIRS
Crew : Saerom Park, Jeesu Hwang
Studio roam / Dec. 2020​​​​​​​

‘Shucle’ is a demand-response ride-pooling service launched by AIRS,
Hyundai Motor Company’s AI Research & Service Company.
The shuttle operates within a 2km radius of a selected area with an inconvenient traffic system. When a community member calls a vehicle, a Shucle mini bus arrives at a nearby stop and provides a safe ride without a fixed route within the service area. AI’s real-time route search algorithm constructs an optimal route, and members traveling in the same direction can ride together.

With Friendly & Easy, Smart & Reliable, Impactful & Clear as the design criteria,
we put focus on  the convenience and safety based on artificial intelligence technology and automobile technology, the friendly and easy-to-access image suitable for residential-oriented services, and the visibility and clarity to imprint the new service.

A clear symbol was created by combining the shape of ‘Siot’, which is the Korean consonant of the initial letter of 'Shucle', and the shape of AI and route.
The bright blue and neon green colors are suitable for symbolizing an eco-friendly mini bus based on AI technology, plus they have clear visibility on the road.

With the motif of AI and the organic route form that connects, circulates, and expands, we deliver the image of a friendly technology that creates a new mobility ecosystem. This new mobility system connects people more easily, provides an efficient daily life, protects the environment, and revitalizes the community.

Studio roam

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