Client : 키스톤 개발
Co-work : J&Brand 
Crew : Saerom Park, Jeesu Hwang
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LUVZE is a small high-end residential brand. The etymology of LUVZE is 'Luminous Objet'.
Inspired by the 'La ville radieuse' proposed by the legendary French architect Le Corbusier. It is 
a convenient and modern luxury living space created by French space individualism
that takes for granted a beautiful living space that suits one's taste.
Sophisticated and witty spaces curated for individuals, customized concierge services, private communities, and rooftop gardens create a luxury residential brand
such as a private art collection that reflects individual tastes.

To express a high-end residential brand like a private collection of art, 
we created a sophisticated and elegant sans-serif wordmark. We also made a symbol
that contains the LUVZE alphabet in its architectural form. Graphic motifs that symbolize
all the shining moments in this private and beautiful space are varied and applied in a structural form,
and a unique color palette centered on orange and
brass foil is reminiscent of an exotic citrus scent,
creating a sense of luxury and specialness. It transmits sensibly.
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Studio roam

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