Client : Seoul Metropolitan Government
Co-work : The allim
Crew : Jeesu Hwang
Studio roam / Dec. 2020
The Dong Dong Dong project is one of the ‘Seoul Elementary School Health Promotion Programs’.
This project helps children move and play naturally in schools where they spend most of their time by inducing unconscious physical activity through design.
Dong Dong Dong (童同道) means 'Children move together' in Chinese characters
and also is an onomatopoeia in Korean that means ‘let’s run together, play together, have fun together!’
We use this onomatopoeia to deliver enjoyable program images that gives
the feeling of the joyous movements of children.

The dynamic letter arrangement and graphic motifs expressing pleasant movements can be reminiscent of the movement of children running and playing together. 
It delivers a powerful and lively image with vivid colors, and when applied to a school environment,
it stands out and induces movements.
We made pictograms for each exercise and suggested verbal guides using fitness game language
so that elementary school children can easily understand exercise methods and precautions according to their age. 

Below is a photo style for the Dongdong-dong project.
It captures the images of children moving confidently and vigorously in a view looking up from the bottom or a view from the side.
It shows the exterior environment of the school with clear sky and the interior with the background of vivid colors. It also uses graphic motifs to emphasize movements in a fun way.

Studio roam 
Dec. 2020

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