SKEDERM Rebranding
스케덤 리브랜딩
Client: Classys
Brand Identity: J&Brand
Co-work: Sondesign
Scope: BI Basic Design, Application Design, Package layout
Our Crew:  Millim Sung, Sunkyoung Kim
Studio roam | 2019

SKEDERM is a cosmetic brand based on derma-science. The mother company of SKEDERM owns a high intensity focused ultrasound lifting technology called 'Shurink'. Using the ingredients extracted as ultrasound technology, the skincare and makeup products of SKEDERM give elasticity to all layers of the skin and let them find their own healthy rhythm.
We believe that the technology based on derma-science is the key asset of the brand and ideally refines the visual elements. We created the gender neutral and bold visual elements of the brand through the design criteria of science, tension, rhythm and impact. These gender neutral and bold key visual assets will appeal to millennials.
Business card design A
ID card design (card holder product : 'ID frame' by Plus X) 
Delivery carton box
Online delivery kit
Shopping bag 
Box Package application example
Layout Example / Skincare Product  
Banner design A
Layout Example / Make-up Product  
Banner design B
Studio roam
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